Moving to Arduino 1.0

Arduino released Arduino1 RC1 on Sept 17th.

A summary of changes is included here

Some of these changes have caused Third Party libraries to break. We encountered just such a problem with the ethernet libraries used on nanode.

However thanks to great support by the libraries author @andrewdlindsay these issues have now been resolved, and the nanode works successfully with Arduino1 RC1.

In summary here are the changes

  • Wprogram.h replaced by Arduino.h
  • wiring.h replaced by Arduino.h
  • Wire.send becomes Wire.write

There’s probably a few more that will crop up along the way.

Here’s some example code from the etherShield libraries showing how to cope with the differences introduced by RC1.

#if (ARDUINO >= 100)


Useful links


etherShield Library





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