Battery Configurations

The image above shows different battery configurations for the Xbee Temperature sensor.

The sensor has been designed to allow battery configurations using, 1.2v, 1.5v, and 3.6v batteries allowing the use of rechargeable, alkaline, and thionyl-chloride-lithium batteries.

From left to right

  1. No batteries or jumpers present
  2. 2 x 1.5v Alkaline, Output 3v 2200mAh
  3. 3 x 1.2v LiPo, Output 3.6v 2200mAh
  4. 3 x 3.6v thionyl-chloride-lithium, Output 3.6v 6600mAh

With an onboard voltage convertor outputting a constant 3.3v from an input voltage of <1.2v – 4.5v it should be possible to get the maximum lifetime out of the batteries chosen to drive the wireless sensor.

Output voltage is set using 2×1 jumpers on the 4×3 pin matrix (the same jumpers as found on computer hard disk drives) as shown above. Because of the need to be able to insert the batteries in either orientation there are no battery polarity markings on the unit.

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